Sunday, 29 May 2016

Wheel of Fate

Then the wheel of fate spun
We opened our eyes in wonder simultaneously
You witnessed a posh maternity home
I witnessed an overcrowded ward
You were driven home in a luxury sedan
I was taken home in a rackety rickshaw
You were pampered with Satan and silk
I was wrapped in a torn blanket
You were fed fortified milk and cereal
I was given any fluid
You ate a feast fit for a king
I ate stale bread and waited for charity
You wore the best attire and played with the best toys
I wore torn rags spoons and stones were my toys
You looked smart going to school
I saw you go everyday soaked in filth
You went to your office to change and influence the world
I carried my shovel to fill my belly
You married the most Georges girl
No girl thought I was worthwhile
You led a dignified, pious, adventurous, fun filled life
I tried to survive
You died with honour pomp and grandeur
I vanished away as an expendable
The wheel of fate halted.

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