Friday, 3 January 2014

my walks to school

Has anyone of you roamed the streets of your town lately? when I speak of town i refer to the old localities, where you grew up or have lots of nostalgic thoughts about,  just like mine of Peshawar, sadly the Peshawar i once knew is gradually diminishing ,the canvas is changing colors, but still when I roam the walled city i have lots of things to relate to and whatever remains of the place serves as a soothing balm to my soul and whisks me back in time, the time of my care free days, when me and my pal walked to school from Gunj to Kohati at the oldest school of Peshawar, through the narrow streets with old wooden homes and arched structures peering down on us, the morning winters were biting and foggy, dampness caressed our skin and tried to penetrate our woollies which we proudly both brought from landa bazaar, but those biting winters are no more.......the summers were confronted by sitting on a cold tube well pipe on our way back but those summers are no more....all has vanished,,,the cold weather, the hot sweat, and my pal.........our footsteps still present in the warp of time till eternity......

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