Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I was returning from office after another day’s hectic work, gazing from the window of my organizations bus which brought us to work at 7 am sharp and dropped us back home the same time in the evening, it took an hour and seemed like this was also a part of my duty hours, I preferred to get a seat beside the window , my nose was almost squashed against the glass, lost in my thoughts, the same roads and shops passed by me, the hustle and bustle of the busy markets, it seemed not a soul was at peace their were all restless in their own worlds just like me, I was slowly nearing my destination when we stopped at a red light, it had been almost 10 years working in the same organization and capacity the same work, the same issues the same pressure and stress, I was a victim of circumstance, It was a self-imposed punishment,   call it society or social status, I had to protect this fake image of myself that I had built, to shut peoples big mouths, the whole world thought that im working in a good organization my children go to good schools, wear nice cloths, so I had to keep this job to make people happy not myself,  the bus jolted a little and stopped again ,under the newly built overhead bridge I noticed a man selling rice on his push cart happily serving customers and trying to give a clean look to his shaggy stall, cleaning the plates and talking with the customers he seemed so happy and content at least to me he did as looks can be deceiving, but one thing I was sure of and that was that he wasn’t afraid of how society would grade him or label him , he wasn’t afraid that people would see him selling rice, he wasn’t afraid of being criticized and gossiped about he wasn’t afraid to do this low grade work as we wrongly consider it low grade as I do not understand the yardstick by what they measure respectable and unrespectable work? I guess that’s exactly what made him happy he wasn’t afraid of people and society he wasn’t afraid of remarks, he didn’t just put his children in expensive schools for peoples praise but rather a school for a decent education, he ate happily whatever food god blessed him with and not to eat food at posh restaurants just to post updates on Facebook because your peers do so, nowadays we even eat to show people what and where we eat which was supposed to be a human requirement to live, he didn’t have to prove and yell to society for approval, this poor rice seller lived for himself and was content because he wasn’t answerable to a jury, he wasn’t tied to any brand or lifestyle his soul and body were in harmony and free as a bird. That day I truly envied a man who the majority thought of less, sometimes lambs do become lions.

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